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Restore, Refurbish, Replant

The Central Atlantic Region encourages clubs to rally to restore gardens, shorelines, parks, memorials, historical sites, roadways, and community facilities that have suffered natural disasters, neglect or are in need of an up-date.  Restoration projects can be supported by local garden clubs, districts, youth including elementary, junior or high school affiliated garden groups and/or state garden clubs. Garden clubs may work with other organizations to achieve goals.

Sampling of projects but not limited to:

  • Planting of dune grass plugs on devastated shore lines.
  • Replanting of trees, shrubs and perennials in a park, forest, cemetery or historical site that is in need of restoration.
  • Container plants placed in/on community properties that enhance the residence’s lives.
  • Clean-up/restoration projects on grounds in schools, libraries, parks, Blue Star Memorials and other public areas.
  • Project participation includes monetary support of RALLY OUR REGION projects within the CAR Region.

RALLY OUR REGION Project qualifies for The Award of Excellence for Region #25 and will be applied for during the second year of the project.  In order for C.A.R. to qualify, all 7 states in the region must participate    Please document your projects with photos, a brief description and expenditures of the project. 

Submit to: 
Susan O’Donnell:
 209 Johnson Road, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889-3311    


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Central Atlantic Region (CAR) Newsletter,
The Regional Review

The Central Atlantic Region (CAR) has a newsletter, The Regional Review.

Recent copies are linked below:

Volume 3, Issue 4-April 2014 (3.18 MB)

Volume 3, Issue 3-January 2014 (PDF 3.02 MB)

Volume 2, Issue 4-April 2013 (PDF 3.02 MB)

Volume 2, Issue 3-December 2012 (PDF 2.24 MB)

Volume 2, Issue 2-September 2012 (PDF 2.966 MB)

Volume 2, Issue 1-June 2012 (PDF 1.8 MB)



Honoring Long-Time Garden Club Members

Many of our best loved flowers are perennials that spring up afresh year after year, making an outstanding contribution to the beauty of our gardens.

We, in our Garden Clubs, have been privileged to have long time members who, like the faithful perennials in our gardens, have made our clubs grow and bloom with their continuous support of our goals and objectives.

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CLICK HERE for Rules (PDF)

CLICK HERE to download the Perennial Blooms Certificate (PDF)


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