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Our Mission

The Garden Club of Montclair stimulates and educates members and the public in their knowledge and practice of conservation, horticulture, and the artistic use of plant material. It beautifies the township of Montclair and the state of New Jersey. The club sponsors and supports projects of an educational character, specifically allied to these purposes.

Our Officers

1st Vice-President, Membership:
2d Vice-President, Communications:
3d Vice-President, Finance:
VP Recording Secretary:
Michele Quinn
Gretchen Prater
Claire Stepleton
Sue Straten
Nancy Sweetser

Our Monthly Programs

Our monthly programs will be held on Mondays: September 15, November 10, December 10, February 9, March 9, April 13, and May 13 in the auditorium at the United Way Building, 60 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 07042.

Our Projects

  • Provide a regular opportunity for members and provisionals to enter flower design and horticulture exhibits for competitions and/or critiquing.
  • On a regular basis, offer workshops to members and provisionals on gardening, flower design, horticulture, birds, and the environment.
  • Offer flower design classes to members.
  • Hold the annual Plant Sale, proceeds to benefit beautification of local schools.
  • Maintain a website to enhance our public image and link to the NJ State and National Garden Clubs.
  • Maintain and replant the Avis Campbell Gardens, the memorial garden to the victims of September 11, 2001, the United Way Grounds, and the Triangle Gardens.
  • Offer tours of the above gardens for schoolchildren, scouts, and others organizations to educate the community.
  • Canvass and present awards to the businesses in Montclair who have most improved their properties during the past year.
  • Encourage springtime interest of storefronts by holding a May Basket competition in some or all of the business districts.
  • Continue Garden Therapy projects with Montclair seniors.
  • Sponsor one or more Junior Garden Clubs for Montclair Youth.

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