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Program Calendar 2016 - 2017

Meetings of the Demarest Garden Club are held on the first Friday of the month at the United Methodist Church, 109 Hardenburgh Ave., Demarest, NJ.  Meetings begin at 1:00 with committee reports followed by a scheduled program at 2:00.  Refreshments and social hour conclude the afternoon.  Most meetings are open to the public without charge except as noted.



Sep 9  Fall is for Planting
By Tom Bender, Curator of Plants for Thielke Arboretum
Presentation of the how, why, and what of planting in the Fall.
 Oct 7 Winter Blooming Plants
By Anna Haines, Nursery owner with wide knowledge of plants
Program on plant options for when we move inside for the winter.
 Nov 4  Members Only
This meeting is not open to the public.
 Dec 9 Party! Party! Party!
Holiday Luncheon 12 noon at Madeleine’s Petit Paris.
Members and Guest Invited. $29 Reserves Seat.
 Jan 8 Hydroponics – A Gardening Alternative to Dirt
By Marc Gussen, Closter Nature Center Naturalist
Presentation of why and how hydroponics are incorporated into gardens.
 Feb 3 Blues in the Garden
By Dorothy Smullen
Program will explore color wavelengths, plant pigments and blue flowering plants throughout the season.
 Mar 3 Native Wildflowers for the Home Garden
By Hubert Ling, Propagator for the Native Plant Society of NJ
Learn what plants we should be cultivating in our home garden.
 Apr 7 The Butterfly Guy
By Rick Mikula, Over 30 years of experience with Butterflies
Humorous and unique presentation.
 May 5 Annual Plant Sale
Our public plant sale functions mainly on a pre-order basis.
 June 2 Installation of Officers and Luncheon
Annual Pot-luck lunch at 12 noon with meeting to follow.
Members and invited guests only.

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